T3-LB 'flash seem not keep up the data

I find a problem as below
After success set MODBUS_VAR_VALUE from HMI & double check with modbus poll
If in a few time to power off the T3-LB
I find T3-LB 'flash seem not keep up the data (like temp/humi setpoint)
please guide me through the process

Q2 :
Register_Address 62 write flash time after changed setting. Unit is minute
the defa val = 5 what this is meaning ??
& Q2 is relational with my problem Q1 ?

thank for help …

Question1: Losing data
I think you are saying you did some programming in the T3-LB and after cycling power the changes were gone. How it works is that the T3-LB will automatically store your changes to flash periodically in the background every few minutes. It will also write to the flash whenever you save or load a program so if you are working and cycling power frequently you will want to save the program or manually save to flash before power goes down.

Question2: Not clear but it sounds like you are asking what is register #62 on the T3-LB product. I show its the ID of the subnet device you would like to talk to when doing some subnet operations. The modbus register list is here for reference.

And here’s the view from the Modbus register viewer tool which will be helpful while integrating: