T3 controller CE Certification

Hello all, I noticed that my T3-TB-8I controller does not have the plate certifying the CE certification. In case of installation in Italy (Europe) this could be a problem. I am not sure that CE DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY pdf file, downloadable from Teamcocontrols ftp web site, could be enough. Has anyone already installed T3 controller product in Europe? Please could someone give me a clarification about it? Thank you very much.

So far there’s been no trouble for our Euro friends that I am aware of.

Hello, imported all kinds of devices to EU (Lithuania and Latvia).
Firs of all you rightly mentioned CE declaration and CE certification, that is different stuff. For goods imported from 3rd countries you need Certification, not declaration. Declaration works only for goods produced in EU.

  1. Customs asked for CE certification if device have or is any kind of sensor (downloaded pdf from Temco worked fine), for PLC no questions.
  2. Avoid connecting mains (230V) and better avoid installing Temco equipment in switchboards with 230V. As long as you are in SELV (<60V) frames there are not too much regulation.
  3. Temco uses relays and PCB design, not good enough for main voltage (230V) according EN standards, so in case of incidence you can have problems with insurance company.
  4. Other than that, it depends on client, who you are selling it too.

Replying quickly from my phone just now but many items indeed have UL and CE certificates from the third party testing agencies. If there’s any particular items giving you trouble with your clients you can let me know and we’ll get them off to the lab for more tests and certificates.

Ok, thank you Maurice.