New customers

Shipping: We use mainly Fedex International priority, transit times are typically two to three days for most any address in the world. Goods ship out of two warehouses, one in Shanghai China and another in Washington State, USA. We can ship on your account but please do contact your shipper to get a quote and compare. Our rate is often about half of what our clients will pay on their own account. You can check how much shipping will be by using the online shopping cart, weight and accurate shipping costs are calculated to any address in the world. For general reference, the cost of shipping will add 15% to the value of the goods in typical small shipments going by Fedex, to USA. In larger sea shipments the rate goes as low as 5%.

For larger shipments the online calculator is not as useful, when the weight gets up to around 50kg we can take advantage of air cargo rates which are half the price of Fedex International Priority. Transit times are about a week. For even larger shipments, when the weight of the shipment approaches 100kg it is worth considering shipping by sea if you can afford the wait, transit times are about a month.

Delivery: Most small orders are filled from stock and will leave within 24 hours. The main warehouse is in Shanghai China and there’s a small but growing inventory in Washington State, U.S.A. Larger orders can take from two to four weeks. We can ship back ordered items in a second shipment if the situation is urgent, the incremental cost for shipping in two lots, assuming Fedex priority, will be only something like an extra $25.

Warranty: The standard warranty is five years for electronics and two years for damper motors & valves. You can ship goods to us using the most economical method, we do ask that you pay shipping both ways. Our clients will typically stockpile items for repair till there are enough to make the shipping worthwhile. While the formal warranty is five years we’ll generally repair items for free for as long as you care to maintain them. As long as there’s no water damage or obvious over-voltage we will repair your unit for free. If an item is not repairable or we cannot buy replacement parts we’ll offer the best deal we can to get you an equivalent item. There’s no time limit to this offer. If you’d like to send your sensors back for recalibration we’ll also do that for free with no time limit, you just pay the shipping.

Training: Most clients can manage to learn how to program and install from our product documentation. Even hobbyists and folks learning controls for the first time will be up & running quickly. Do check in with us periodically for some more in depth material, more examples and classroom materials which are in preparation.

Support: Is handled by the usual methods like email, teamviewer, skype chat and phone but increasingly the forum. Post your question there and someone from the Temco team or some of the other forum members will get back to you right away. We’ll help with the programming if you need it, just send on the points list and a rough sequence and we’ll put together a program for your project. System graphics too, email us the system diagrams and we’ll help get them in shape for use within the T3000 environment. On a larger project we can send an engineer to your site, we don’t charge for on site support but do ask that you pay for the flight and expenses.

Certifications: The certification documents we do have are all on line on the respective product pages. European clients will find the CE certificate for most items in our inventory. UL(C) certificates are available for some items which are normally in contact with high voltages such as the relays. For items such as sensors and controllers, these are not UL(C) listed, however most of the parts used within our products are UL(C) listed such as the terminal blocks, enclosures, printed circuit board and relays. You’ll find the certificates for these items on the respective product page. Technically speaking, the National Electrical Code says that a product which is in contact with 24VAC and lower voltages does not require a UL(C) listing. We realize customers do like to see that UL(C) or BTL sticker so we’re working on having a few items certified.

Private Labeling: All items can be branded with your private logo, please check out the Label options in our OEM of the web site here: The setup costs for a custom label range from $80 on up to $150 depending on the item. This is a one time setup fee which applies to the first order and after that you order as normal at the regular price. You pay that setup fee only one time. There is a minimum order on some of the labels, we’ll stock them for you and credit you as we use them up.

Thanks for considering our equipment on your projects. You’ll find that we’re easy to do business with and stand behind our product.


Temco Team.