Integrating with Gent Fire Panel and CCTV system

Hello Maurice,
I have been going through the various posts (having just joined today). I also placed an order for the T3 TB controller and can’t wait to receive it. Can you kindly confirm the following as I thought I gleaned from reading the various posts

  1. The controller as is…does not accepts digital inputs of 24V. A work around would be to use a relay as you have suggested?
  2. The TS3000 application suffices for both programming and operations and thus operators will need no additional SCADA/HMI application? Floor plans, Diesel tanks etc can be graphically inserted via TS3000 interface?


An addressable Gent Fire Alarm Control Panel. I believe the Bacnet controller would be able to discover this device. The main question is, would it be able to discover individual smoke detectors, sounders, manual call points attached to each panel???. Do you reckon from the HMI interface for example, I would be able to see a smoke detector that has been triggered in a particular location/building?


Are there instances where IP cameras have been integrated with the BAcnet controller ?



24V Inputs: Correct, the T3 controllers and various expansion I/O modules can accept up to a maximum of 12V. You could put a voltage divider in front of the inpute terminals, there’s a post in the forums about that. In this case you need to be extra careful about ground compatibility, The security systems I have seen use a full wave rectifier in their power supply while our T3 equipment uses a half wave rectifier. If you are not certain, just be sure to use a separate transformer for the security system and another for the T3 equipment, in this case the grounds are floating with respect to each other and can be tied together.

Going a step further, use a relay board like our MRB series which offers total isolation between the two systems.

SCADA/HMI: Yes you can use the T3000 software both for the engineering setup & programming tool, and later use it for the building oprerator complete with floorplans and system graphics. Its not up to the standard of the paid HMI software out there but we’re improving the software with continuous updates, if you have some features you’d like to see just let us know.

Gent Fire Alarm Panel: The T3 controllers should be able to use the Gent system i/o and other system variables in the T3 displays, programs, trend logs and so on. There is a post in the forums called 'Network Programming" which shows how to refer to the external bacnet points over the network.

IP Cameras: Haven’t gotten much integration with cameras… yet. One client was sending commands over Modbus to his camera controllers based on occupancy sensor inputs on a T3 controller. If you send on some details of your camera system we will see what can be done.