T3-BB loosing communication to our CH2 GUI Daily

We have a T3-BB and a RTD module connected to a CH2, all through bacnet IP.
23 hours a day it works perfectly. then it will randomly quit communicating for a little over an hour.
It will fail anytime of the day or night, sometimes it will go for 2 days working great.
When it does lock up we cannot communicate to the BB with T3000 or it wont ping.

The CH2 is still online and creates an error log saying it cannot connect to any of the points displayed on any of the graphic pages.
Has anyone had anything similar happen?

There was some sort of issue with the chipset we were using, the early firmware handled it but not so intelligently after one hour. Now we’ll detect the issue more proactively and reset the chip right when the issue crops up.


This board is 3 months old and we would have done the firmware updates at that time.
Should we do a check and upgrade now?
I know its a bit of a stretch but does the board create an error log when it sees something is going wrong?
The one thing that is consistent is the downtime is always a little over an hour.
We changed the BB with a spare we had and it did the same thing.
We are using the RTD expansion module and have it communicating by IP, is there any way that we could be trying to access the points too often causing the lockup?

Firmware: When you’re having issues the first thing to try is updating the firmware, we do updates often.

Error Log: Sorry there’s no error logs but you can use our T3000 front end to see the communcations health.

Wireshark is your best bet for digging into communications issues.

Swapping the BB: Its always a good test but I am pretty confident that updating firmware is going to help.

The ‘one hour’ issue as we came to call it lately, has been fixed.

Polling Rate: Reducing the polling rate is always a good step when facing communications issues, sure.

However my money is with updating the firmware from the symptoms you described.