T3-TB Ethernet communications unstable

We have 9nos T3-LB controllers in a system which are connected over Ethernet one by one. All these 9nos controllers and Workstation PC are connected to a common Switch.

We noticed that controllers in the network go offline in random manner and stay offline for about 5-10mins before it comes online again. Sometimes this happens very frequently and sometimes not. All 9nos controllers have been updated to latest firmware.

FYI, we had the same issue in T3-BBs couple of months back and managed to overcome the issue with firmware updates. However, these T3-TBs which came in the same order still struggle.

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You could try updating the T3000 front end itself, I see its been a while since you updated that.
There are firmware updates often as well, do try updating the firmware even if its been only a couple weeks since last update.

If you’re still experiencing communications issues you can use wireshark to capture some network traffic and maybe we can pick something up from that.