T3-4AO documentation

I would like to draw your attention to several incorrect sections of the documentation for the T3-4AO module.

  1. Page 26, section 1.9.7 Jumper settings
    Jumpers are shown for “Input 1, Input2” from the bottom of the board up. The correct sequence is Input 1-10, starting from the top (left side of the image)
  2. On the I/O board itself, the inputs are numbered AI1 to AI10, but they should be inverted (AI10=AI1, and AI1=AI10)
  3. Modbus register 22 is a heartbeat register, which according to the documentation should increase every min from 0 to 255 and cycle the rotation, but register 22 always reads back “1”.

Thanks for the heads up.

  1. You are right, the online PDF has been updated.
  2. Sounds like the label is reversed, will check that now.
  3. Will get the team to fix that now.