T3000 Problems with duplicate panel IDs in the system

Today I try to create a LAN in my office using a T3-Nano and a T3-TB-11i, the nano has a BACNET MSTP thermostat and the TB was reading a Modbus RTU power meter.

I took me too much time to make them work because whet trying to program the Nano or the TB both get same information as they were a Mirrior.

Finally I decide to connect each one directly to my computer and then I was able to program each individually and accomplish the objectives I was looking for each Controller.
I always use the T3 controllers in our own scada and work great, ones they are being program directly, but when they are working on a LAN , the T3000 software start doing strange things, like creating a mirror program on other T3 unis or loosing communication of the units, etc,
Is this had happened to other integrators??

I hope I can help you with your problem.
But I don’t quite understand what “they were a Mirrior” means. Please send on a few screen shots and perhaps we can see something from that. Especially the panel ID, bacnet instance and other communications settings from the T3000 software.

Also be sure to connect only with RS485 or Ethernet. If you connect both ports to your PC at the same time you could possibly get T3000 confused.

Over time you could possibly get garbage in the building database of devices, you can clear all of the entries and rebuild the database easily.

Yes! Here are a couple of tips.
First, be aware that the database keeps up with every variable name from every T3 on your network. That might be obvious from the documentation. If you accidentally have 2 variables with the same name, it’ll create problems.
Second, the ethernet ports are only 10mBit and they are sensitive to the type of switch you use. Some work 100% some are 50/50. I have always wanted Fance to publish a list of factory tested and approved ethernet switches but I haven’t seen that yet. RS485 communication works 100%

Hope this helps you.

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To be fair we only ran into a few switches that didn’t cooperate well and it would not cause phantom mirror devices to show up in the system. It would just not let you communicate to a device, period.

Duplicate variable names are handled by T3000 as you type them in. If you loaded the same program to another controller then sure, you’re going to have duplicate names of the objects. You need to edit the names manually to unique names in order to use them in other controllers is all.

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I did a program on one T3-Nano and then enter to the T3-BB and the same program was in its memory or at leat in the T3000 program data base I enter to it to check programming and was the same program I just finish in the T3-Nano, so I decide to work each one independently connect the cable directlty to each unit and erase

It could be an issue with the naming. Since you loaded the same program to two different controllers you have duplicate object names in the system. Do your best to go rename the objects in one to be different from the other. For example if you have “SUPLYFAN” in two controllers, rename them as SUPFAN1 and SUPFAN2.


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Hi Maurice,

The problem was with the PANEL NUMBER, I do not use same name on the programs they just appear in each controller. All though their bacnet instance and ip number where different. Maybe Panel number were the same.

Monday I will do testings on the real LAN , to se if programing each locally and then read them form the web I could do modifications on program with out the need of being directly connected…

Best Regards,

Luis Zamora

Please try to make sure that each device connected to the LAN has a unique panel number. You can control the output4 of panel3 in your PID or program by using something like 3OUT4.
If the same panel number occurs on the LAN, the T3000 software will pop up a conflict warning, prompting you to change one of the panel number.
You can also set the interface to modify the panel number.
Hope this helps you solve your confusion!

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Hi Maurice , please see this 2 issues with T3 controllers.
First the problem were data is beeing confuse when actually each controllers were program separately but whe in the LAN they start dosing these problems.

And also the problem with other scadas trying to connect with it. Giving a lot off error while other equipment does not produce errors.

What do you think we are missing.

Can you upload the prog files of these two panels to me? What problem do you mean by “data confuse”?

I urgently need your prog file to determine what the problem is. It may be caused by a problem in the writing of your program. You can upload your two prog files and I will check the problem immediately. Thanks!

I can se you have two controllers with ID=1, you will need to unplug one and give it a new ID. Then you should be good to go.

T3000 is (supposed) to give you a warning about this and help you sort out the conflict. If you didnt already see that message I would be suprised. Perhaps we need to explain it better in the dialog, you can let us know.

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Thank you very much I though the ID was the MODBUS TCP ID!! BUT WE WILL CHANGE THE PANELE ID NUMBER

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