START and STOP commands with analog outputs

This is a heads-up:
System configuration: T3-BB and three T3-80s.
The code on my system was executing great when I was using firmware (mini_arm_rev46.6_2.7.hex.)
Last week I upgraded the firmware to: (mini_arm_rev46.9_4.19.hex).
When I did this some of my code stopped executing. So last week I kept updating with (rev47.0_4.26.hex) and today I tried (rev47.0_4.28.hex).
I tried several simple program commands but still couldn’t get all of the code to execute. I just reinstalled (rev46.6_2.7.hex) and the code is executing again.

I’m posting this as feedback and to maybe offer a temporary workaround if anyone else is experiencing this.


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Thanks Bret!
That is very handy to know as I have been experiencing similar issues as you.

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I’m glad you found the post helpful Adrian. Forums like this are very useful and participating in them helps us all.
Thanks Temco team for putting together this forum!

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hi, Bret,
could you send me your program code to my email :
charly@temcocontrols,com and mark which part is not working, we will check and reply to you.

Hi Charly,

Thank you for getting back to me.

This project is in the early stages and the code is mostly simple right now - just to get parts of systems that are ready to control - under control.

My final code will look much different. I am trying to keep my code simple until I have to connect the whole system.

Basically, my code was working fine until I upgraded the firmware. I couldn’t get a simple: START OUT13 to work. Some of the code in other programs did work so I was blaming myself until I loaded in older firmware. I have much to learn about the T3000 system but I’m experienced with writing code.

Systems I’ve programmed are: Delta, Automated Logic, Siemens, Network 8000 and Honeywell. I have about 35 years working with controls.

So, I’m not a complainer and I understand that it takes all of us to insure the best products. I’m here to help and learn… :slight_smile:

Best Regards,


Hello Bret and Adrian,
[Update2] Bret, I appreciate all the feedback here, your post prompted me to look at what is going on with analog outputs and programs and we have a nice solution now as mentioned further down, so keep the comments coming.

Can’t say there’s any known issues with a program like START OUT13. Could you check that the range set up to ON-OFF or other binary range, any of the ranges in the binary outputs at Tab1. And of course that the output and HOA switch are not manually toggled to on or off state in the grid at Tab2 and 3.

[Update1] We’ll be adding a check to help with the behavior, if an analog output is configured as an analog range, STOP will send out 0V and START will send out 10V. The analog 10V output is enough to pull in a relay such as this 12V coil Omron G2R with its high efficiency coil. Keep this in mind if you need to convert any spare analog outputs to binary.