SQR statement issue

The goal is to control the air flow in a surgery room.
To get the right air flow reading the T3-TB controller needs to execute the formula:

10 VAR79 = VAR78 * SQR (VAR68)

But VAR79 returns always the same value of VAR68

I also tried:
10 VAR1 = SQR ( 49 )
VAR1 returns 49

I’m using a T3-TB ARM controller mini_arm_rev52.2.hex

Chelsea will reply on Monday.

Maurice Duteau

Hi, Maurice

Thanks for your reply!

Add SQR in the latest firmware rev52.8, will uploaded it soon, please udpate it by T3000.

Issue fixed!
SQR statement is working very fine after uploading latest firmware rev 52.8!
Thank you Chelsea!