Software training

Hi ,Are you providing the training for your products?.Please can you send the information. .

Yes, we can help out for free by email, skype, teamviewer, telephone and so on. If you would like to travel to Shanghai or have our staff come to your site this is also free. We just ask you to pay for the flight and hotel.

Hi Maurice.
Do you have an teaching ABC, Step-by-step how to?
In pdf or something?
How can you start programming T3000?

Yes, run T3000 and from there hit the F1 function key to bring up the help system. there’s a step by step example there.

Additionally, there’s a pdf version of the help which you can download from the product pages.

Finally, once you get started you can post questions in this forum and folks will help out, I am checking in nearly every day.

Maurice Duteau

Hi, once i was asked to provide “training certificate confirmed by producer” for automation. It is quite formal requirement, but i see it sometimes. So if you there will be some online course from Temco, i will join.

We can work on some more formal training, sure. Stand by for more news on this in the coming weeks.