Setting Date and Time for HUM-W

How do you set the Date and Time for a HUM-W sensor? Cannot find a way in T3000 to do this…

Thanks, Steve.

Just spoke with the team on this, the real time clock chip and backup capacitor are there but there’s no firmware to support the feature. It has been added to our (extensive) todo list. Thanks for the heads up on this.

Doing it via Modbus registers would be fine with me…

The clock on most of our products is read from both Modbus registers and Bacnet objects. Your questions have prompted us here to implement it properly on the HUM series, thanks.

Any update on this topic?

Thanks, Steve

Spring and the team will work on it shortly. We’re in the middle of a big revamp of the whole product lineup to a new bigger & better CPU so focusing on that just now.