Replacement Sensor for Hum-D

What is the item # to order to get a replacement screw-in sensor for the Hum-D unit? Mine is starting to give me erratic readings.

Please check the OEM section for some replacement bits there.

Maurice Duteau

Thanks Maurice. I went to that page and found a HM-W-S which is just the screw-in sensor and a short lead. But there’s no way to “add to cart”.

What’s the best way to purchase this?

BTW, our T3’s have really settled down to business. They reliably monitor and control our Chillers, our Cooling Tower, our Central ventilation and our domestic hot water. Due to the 10mBit Ethernet, they occasionally don’t talk to one another, but that’s rare.
It’s quickly resolved with a reboot. The combined efficiency of our new Chillers and T3000 control have saved us over $15k this year.



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Hum Sensor: Hmm, shopping cart seems to be working for me. You can order just the module at the end of the pipe rather than the whole module + pipe assembly. There are two styles, the original has a black plastic ring showing at Tab1 while the current version has no black ring showing, only metal.

Loss of communications: I wouldnt say its caused by 10Mbit Ethernet but we could dig into it more with your help. I’d set up a PC doing some wireshark logging and we’ll dig into it if you care to send on a log.

Savings: $15k savings, very nice. When are you going to get me a system sketch so I can write this up as an example site!