PWM Transducer BacNet

Can’t figure out how to switch PWM Transducer to Bacnet, can’t find such settings in T3000. I saw that Modbus has register value for that, but unfortunatly i can’t change it.

Fandu will add this PWM item to the T3000 user interface so you can get at the settings more easily. The unit is supposed to be able to work just like generic expansion i/o.

Now i only can make it work as PWM transducer and termistor input or digital input. I can’t write output registers in Modbus, so i thought may be switching to Bacnet will help. If i can write and read Modbus I/O registers it would be perfect. Or make it as I/O expansion For T3. Not sure which i would prefer more. Actually yesterday even tried to read source code in github, but it is to complicated for me.