Programming, MOD statement

I Try to program the mod and division operators of integers \ and they don’t work, the code is:
var1 = 11
var2 = var1 mod 5
var3 = var1 \ 5
when compiling send an error,
the variables are from analog units deg C
Any ideas for these two operators to work?

10 VAR1 = 11
20 VAR2 = VAR2 % 5
30 VAR3 = VAR1 / 5
Our control basic uses the % for the mod operator, there’s a mistake in the help file I see. Will correct that for the next release.

For others reading this: There is a help system within T3000 which you can access by hitting the F1 help key. There you see the full language and all operators.

Hi chelsea,
thanks for your help.
I have to read outputs values in stat8 (record 209 ) , but
they are the bits 0 to 4, how i can read this bits in t3000?
Do you know if the control can execute Bitwise Operations?

We could add some bit level commands, its a good idea and has been added to the todo list.

However, perhaps you can do this in Bacnet mode, then you don’t have to mess with registers and bit manipulation. Let me know a little more about the rest of the program and I will assist.