Controlling Tstat8 Outputs from T3 Nano

I have success on control of Tstat8 Outputs using Modbus protocol writing reg 209
as a numeric value however it is very difficult to do with this method, Using Niagara Jace the Tstat8 reg 209 can be separated by each bit and this allows for a point to be created for each output. Is there a Control Basic keyword or method to command reg 209 bit 0 for example from the T3 Nano.

There are bit level commands that you can do in control basic, you can find those in the T3000 → help system. I will reply in more detail when I get back to my PC. If you’re working in the Niagara Jace environment you should consider using Bacnet protocol, that way you don’t have to wade through the huge modbus register list. The Tstat8 supports both protocols, you can change it by entering the menu system at the keypad or from the T3000 front end.

Once you are in Bacnet protocol you can manage the Bacnet objects by referring to BO1 and BO2, etc.

In Modbus you can integrate but you need to work with the register list which is a little daunting.

I was using the Jace as an example , I really want to use the T3 Nano to control the Tstat8
Saving cost . If you can send out the Basic example to write to MB_REG209 (Bit 0 )
for the Modbus method.
Using Bacnet from the T3 Nano example (device 22) START 22BO1
the Tstat8 Binary Output 1 does not go active .I believe the T3 Nano writes at level 10.
I have found level 1 is the only successful Tstat8 Binary Output control in Bacnet.
Do you have a Basic example like (KMC uses) START 22BO1@1 to write
to device 22 at level 1 also the RLQ 22BO1@1 would relinquish this command

Yeah, just ran into this myself as well. We need the priority level to be sorted out on network commands, will get the team to straighten this out asap.

In the mean time you can fumble through the register list to find the modbus registers, I am sure they are mentioned. Then elsewhere in this forum is some info on the bit level modbus commands. I will reply better when I am at my work PC.

The T3000 -> Tools -> Modbus register viewer I bevel has the outputs in there if you look hard enough.