POE Sensors and BACnet

Need a little help with changing the device ID and network number on a HUM-W-POE for a BACnet IP system.

Looks like AV 6 is the device ID but not sure which one would be the network number.


You will need to install the T3000 application to get the device set up. Once that is done you don’t need T3000 any longer and you can manage it from your own environment.

Thank you for your response.

However this application will be BACnet over IP.

So besides the BACnet ID, I will also need to change the network number and the UDP port.

I did not see options in T3000 for those aspects.

Thanks for your time.

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You will need to update T3000 and also update the device firmware. Then these features should show up in your UI.

Once this is set up you don’t need T3000 any longer, the device can be managed through your usual environment and tools.


Updated T3000 and the firmware. Installed new firmware onto the POE Humidity/Temp sensor and it still looks the same. Sensor firmware is 11.8, humidity version is 30 and hardware version is 34. Last the serial number of the sensor is 216223.

Still unable to set the BACnet network number and UDP port. Changing the BACnet ID is done via AV6.

Here’s the settings screen.


At present, the HUM-W series products do not support the change of BACnet network ID and port, which will be added later.

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Thank you for the information.

Lijun will add the feature ASAP. Stand by for good news shortly.