Output range setup by modbus register

Is there a way to setup an output range to 31 (0-10V) by modbus register at T3-BB? It seems no, because in corresponding register 7292-7355 value 31 makes wrong effect. On read there are a value 1 for 31 and 4 for 34.

hi, if you want to set range to 0-10, you have to set two register. first, output type which is indicated analog or digital, second, range register.

  1. output type, 0->digital, 1->analog
  2. range 7292 to 7355
    1-> 0-10v 2-> 0-100% open…

Thank you Chelsea,
So for other people who will need it (for GOOGLE index :slight_smile: ):
You have to modify corresponding register in a range of 7420-7483 to 1 for Analog or to 0 for digital, AND also corresponding register in a range of 7292-7355 to 1 for 0-10V, 2 for 0-100% Open, 3 for 0-20psi, 4 for 0-100% Voltage and so on.