MSTP com port keeps going "inaccessible"

While setting up Tstat10 devices I frequently lose communication with the device. It doesn’t matter how many devices are on the network could be six, could be one. It also doesn’t matter which PC I am using or USB to RS485 interface. Once it stops communicating I try using the YABE tool but I get an error telling me the com port is being used by another device. I switch com ports but it doesn’t help. I constantly have to reboot T3000 and even then I will lose communications shortly thereafter. I have downloaded the latest T3000 software and device firmware and problem still remains.


Sounds like a port conflict. Yabe is not very advanced when it comes to handling multiple applications and windows. We have already done what we can to mitigate by making T3000 release the Bacnet port when Yabe is active. Try the simplest connection and report back here. Maybe we can do some more to help Yabe and T3000 work well together.

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