MS/TP Master for Reliable SSC stats

Hi Again,
I am working on integrating a small network of Reliable SSC stats on ms/tp, but I am having some troubles. They just don’t seem to show up at all. Has anyone given this a try and was it successful? The SSC’s are a BTL listed device so this should work, but I am not getting far.

Also, perhaps related/not related, has anyone had weirdness with trying to change the settings on the RS485 ports? From T3000 in the settings-communication tab, I can select the MSTP Master, but I don’t see normal light activity for an mstp network and I have no luck with scanning for devices other than my LB via ethernet.

I had a look in modbus register list for my LB and the listing doesn’t show a baud rate for 76,800. I had thought this was added at some point, but it doesn’t show. Also it is really confusing which com port is which. There is a listing for Com0, 1 & 2.


Third party devices won’t show up in the T3000 tree but we’re working on it. You can certainly read and write bacnet objects on them though, search the forum for “network programming” for tips on that.

The baud rate should be ok, try updating the firmware to get the 76.8k option

Maurice Duteau

I am fairly certain Reliable SSC is BACnet slave device, not master, so it does not actively seek the communication token.
To read more about BACnet slave type device go here:

not sure if T3000 has support for scanning for BACnet slave device.

good luck.

Nearly there with scanning for 3rd party devices. You can read and write to them in programs though.

Maurice Duteau