LED's went dark

For some reason on one of our T3-LB’s the RS485 and Ethernet LED’s no longer light up. The unit is working and communicating over ethernet and RS485 just fine. So this is not a big deal. When I reboot the unit, those LED’s do flash on as a test. But then they never flash as data is passed. Any ideas why this happened? Is there any way to get them to come back? This T3 is using rev 50 of the firmware.

Haven’t seen this before. Do the LEDS come on after power up during the led test?

This is a long shot but here goes: There is a connector between the upper & lower PCB which may have gotten loose, you can open up the T3, take out a few screws and pull off the top board from the lower board, then reseat it a few times. This will clean off the contacts and may help out.

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The problems went away when I reflashed the firmware. Woulda done it sooner, but it was already at rev 50 and didn’t think going to 50.1 was a big deal.

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