T3-BB-32I Ethernet can not link

Please Troubleshooting
Just buy T3-BB-32I & T3-LB-16I and connect Ethernet
software T3000 can not link with T3-BB-32I or T3-LB-16I

PC ---- 10/100/100 switch hub port 1
T3-BB-32I ---- 10/100/100 switch hub port 2
T3-LB-16I ---- 10/100/100 switch hub port 3

switch hub link led and 10/100/1000 speed LED below
port 1 link led on ; 1000 led on
port 2 link led on ; 1000 led off ; 100 led off ; 10 led off
port 3 link led on ; 1000 led off ; 100 led off ; 10 led off

Hard to tell much from this description. You could try a direct connection (no hub) using a single Ethernet cable to a single device and see how that goes.
-Show us a few of the settings on your PC such as the network adapter settings.
We use a simple setup here at the office so if your LAN has some special settings we may need to check that out.

-Shutdown all other programs which may be using the Modbus and Bacnet ports.
-Shut down all VPN and wifi ports just to rule out troubles with the routing table.
-You could clarify your wording here, the 32i only has an RS485 port, the 22i does have one though.

Update: wsf2w did send me an email about this and I am assuming the LED’s mentioned above are the LEDs on the rswitch itself as opposed to the ones on the T3 devices. T3000 can in fact connect with the two devices but the LEDs on the router don’t match the activity LEDs on the controllers. I believe this is because the T3 Ethernet chips are 10M chips, not 100/1000. We’ve got a new version making its way through pre-production phase now and will be making its way into general production ‘real soon now’.