Isolation Room / Negative Pressure Room


Does anyone out here has done programming for a Hospital Isolation Room that requires 100% fresh air and negative pressure in the room?

This type of room is used to contain pathogens to escape the room. In high demand right now due to Covid-19.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Hospital isolation rooms are a popular application these days all right (sadly).

I didn’t realize it till just now, replying to your question, but I see we have actually been making this PM2.5 particle sensor with a differential pressure sensor option for a client already and we didn’t add it to the web shop yet. I will make sure you can order it using the shopping cart system ASAP.

The pitot tube would mount in the exhaust or return duct to measure the PM2.5 particulate matter concentration and a separate pair of tubes runs into the room/outside the room for differential pressure measurement. You can use a Tstat10 to read the values from this sensor and control a damper to maintain pressure. All devices support bacnet so this would tie in nicely to the existing building automation system.

I’ve asked our crew to add a differential pressure sensor option to the wall mount version of the Airlab and user programming features so you wouldn’t need the separate Tstat10. Keep an eye out for that on the website in the near future.

Thanks Maurice for the recommendation.
Included is an example of what is required with Bravo Controls and sensors. (sensors not specified are provided by other).
The list is:

The Sequence of Operation requires that the room is operated 100% fresh air, Constant Volume Supply Air and Negative Pressure in the room with respect to the corridor and outside.
There are mainly three (3) controlled systems, (1) the AHU, (2) the Reheat Coil (3) the Exhaust Fan.
I’m still working in the programming of each of these system. I will post here the program once it is “finished”
Any help, suggestion, critics is appreciated.

Isolation Room AHU Example.pdf (37.8 KB)

Its a beautiful design… especially with all those Temco part numbers in there ; )

I will put together a special package and discount based on this.

One small suggestion is a VFD instead of the damper. Let me know the fan rating and I’ll see what we can source from the local market.

Another suggestion is the AQ-N, swap that for an Airlab if budget allows. May as well detect the actual air particle situation of the air rather than just the VOC’s.