Integrating T3-22i with Vykon JACE

Is it possible to integrate a T3-22i expansion I/O over BACnet MSTP using a Vykon JACE as a controller? I am able to “Discover” the device, but not any points on the T3-22i.

Here is the setup of my T3:

Sorry, here is the actual setup:

All looks pretty good here. I understand you are connecting the device to the Jace over the RS485 MSTP port. I am not clear how you got these screen shots though and discover the device, a little clarification on that will help me understand your test setup and make better suggestions.

If you can connect to the 22i from the Yabe tool, its embedded into T3000 -> Tools -> Bacnet tool, if you can reach the device with that tool you can reach it with the Vykon tools and environment.

Standing by to help more.