Input-9 change units °C to °F

Your T3000 is up to date.
So, is there a way to get the display which appears to be input-9 to read °F?
The point is fixed at 10K Type2 (no problem) but I can’t select 10K Type2 °F.

Hopefully I’m just missing something. I will spend the requisite hours reviewing the forum posts but I could not find information about this during a 20 minute cursory review of the posts.

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Twenty minute search… ouch. There is a help file embedded in the T3000 application, hit the F1 function key to bring it up and from there you can read about configuring the range of the inputs. Just select range 38 instead of the default 37.

I did the F1 key and could not find anything on the Tstat10. I also looked through the FTP site looking for a manual for the Tstat10. I was able to find a Tstat8 manual there in the past.
On your main website for products, the links aren’t working for me so if there is information there - I wasn’t able to access any manuals.

I am well versed with how to change the settings. The problem is that the point is locked and it won’t pull up the option for me to change it. I’m locked out of changing it.

I can change the 1st 8 inputs but not the room temperature (in9).
I messed with VAR1 for the setpoint and was able to set it up as °F but haven’t been to the job site yet today to see the display. I’m guessing that won’t be a problem.

I was expecting the Tstat10 to be like the Tstat8 where I can select °F for the setpoint and room temp for basic setup.

If I can do it all through programming and choose what gets displayed on the display that would be fine with me - but reading the forums seems to indicate that those features may come in the future.

I would have ordered Tstat8s but they were backlogged 2 months out.

If the Tstat10 was designed as a °C only device then I don’t know what to do. This really blindsided me.

Hopefully there is a workaround for this.

Bret Burnett
Inside Passage Integrated Control Systems

We found this problem also. We will release new T3000.exe to fix it soon.

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Hi Chelsea,
thank you for the feedback.

The latest update now allows for degrees F to be used on the displays. The customer is pleased with the update even though they were learning to convert between °C & °F.
Thank you for your prompt attention - much appreciated!