How to connect from model T3-BB to HMI Weintek model MT8072iP

I want to connect T3-BB to HMI Weintek MT8072iP via Modbus TCP/IP. Help me, please!

I briefly checked through the Weintek documentation and see that it supports integration of Modbus registers into the HMI. I can confirm our device supports modbus over IP, you can see all the registers, data structures and so on with the Modbus Register viewer tool. From there its just a matter of getting familiar with the ins & outs of the Weintek HMI builder tools. We dont have a Weintek here but I beleive they have a simulator, send us a link and some specific questions and we’ll help out.

I added the connection to the HMI and attached the address but still can’t connect. HMI says “Not responding”
I work on real HMI and T3-BB, not simulation

Vào CN, 25 thg 2, 2024 vào lúc 15:13 Maurice Duteau via Temco Controls Forum <> đã viết:

You can verify the connection first using a PC and running this software. <Latest version of the T3000 front end.

Once you have connected with the PC you can head to the communications settings and configure the baud rate, protocol and so on to match your HMI.

You can check the Modbus register viewer tool within T3000 to see the various Modbus registers on the T3 controller. This will speed up your integrating efforts.

You may need to disconnect from the PC once the HMI is brought into the mix since Modbus only supports one master at a time.

Hi huyhoangesa

Maybe you should try to connect them via Bacnet IP. I have a few projects that connect a multi T3000 series controller with the HMI MT8072IP weintek. It very simple to setup and connection is stable

Agreed, Bacnet will be a lot quicker to configure than going through register by register with modbus. To see the bacnet objects on the T3 controller you can use the built in yabe tool, its under T3000-> Tools → Bacnet Tool. Make sure to set the range of the items to something rather than the default unused, then it will show up in the Bacnet object list. You may need to restart the Bacnet tool as you add new items, the Bacnet tool only scans for objects on startup.

Can you share for me project, please!

Lijun will try to do an example using the Weintek Screen Builder simulator. I will ask him to go with Bacnet, it’ll be simpler.

here is some of what happen trying too open graph

i have updated my controller and firmware the other thing im just trying to get use this sending this over net im learning slow so bear with me if im slow

Thank you for reporting this, a fix has been already committed and will be released this week.