Help Wanted - T3-BB Project - Remote support

I am looking for remote-assistance with a smallish project to add a simple supervisory controller (using T3-BB) to run the common heating system in an apartment building in Wanaka, New Zealand.

The controller is required to:

  • manage 2 condensing boilers with local controllers via a simple interface
  • manage hot water production (all year) and underfloor heating (winter)
  • read approx 10 x digital inputs and 8 x Pt1000 temperature sensors
  • drive approx 12 x digital outputs and 2 x analog outputs
  • read multi-parameter data from 3 Modbus meters
  • Real-time scheduling, alarms & trend logging

I have prepared functional requirements ready for control-basic implementation. I have already purchased T3-BB, and expect to use 80% of its I/O capacity

I am seeking a suitable person or company to provide the following services (all via remote access, all in English language):

  • Control-basic programing (with commenting) for T3-BB
  • develop simple user interface graphics (3-4 simple block diagrams with data overlay)
  • Download program to T3-BB (LAN port forwarding to be set-up)
  • On-going support for fault-finding and future program tweaks/enhancement
    (this will need a reasonable overlap with NZ time zone)

If you are interested in assisting with this project please contact me and advise your Temco controller experience, contact details, location and your usual hourly/daily charge rate for this type of work.

Brian Furness

Thanks to those who responded to my request. Project is currently on hold.
I dont know how to close this topic.