Hardware. T3TB AO2 burned

I have T3TB with one dead output AO2. After inspecting PCB i found two components which looks burned. I think this is Transistors. Components are marked t2F and W1P.
Internet search:
W1P - PMBT2222A NPN tranzistor
t2F PMBT2907A PNP tranzistor
I can’t check tranzistor without taking it out, so I want to put back new.
Question, am i right about component selection?
That else can be burned? I guess reason of this damage was +24V to AO

That’s good sleuthing Andrius. If AO1 is still working then the 12V power supply is OK. You could replace the two transistors and the output may come back to life. We can include some in the next shipment headed your way or you can pick some up locally. While you’re ordering parts get the opamp too just in case.

Note: I pulled these screen shots from an older rev so the part IDs will differ, your Q23 is my Q6 and so on.

Welded in new transistors, AO2 started to work.

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Well done Andrius, thanks for letting us know.