Failed to build T3-programmable-controller-on-ESP32 on Windows 10

I try to build the project GitHub - temcocontrols/T3-programmable-controller-on-ESP32 follow the guide T3-programmable-controller-on-ESP32/Documents/How to compile.txt at master · temcocontrols/T3-programmable-controller-on-ESP32 · GitHub but it never success. It may cause by IDF version conflict.
I have try ESP-IDF from version 4.3, 4.3.1, 4.3.5 but not working.
Some of it error:

ninja: build stopped: subcommand failed.
Build complete (10 errors, 505 warnings): C:\dev\esp32\T3-programmable-controller-on-ESP32\build

Some error relate to modbus.c, led_pwm.c and tcp_server.c in main program. @chelsea Can you check this?

Update: I use your help with install but it is not working. I copy three folder driver, temco_bacnet and temco_IO_control to component folder in esp-idf-v4.4.4 like your guide on github.

Can you show us the error messages please.

Yes, this is the log:

logs.txt (572.4 KB)

I install this SDK: and copy 3 folders to component folder and replace the original driver folder. It is esp-idf-v4.4.4 You can try to re produce by fresh install with above SDK.

I just updated the code on github again, pull it down and try again.

Thank you, I can build it now, but your company not opensource all the code, what about source code for STM32F030C8T6 in the schematics?

If your cause is good, then sure you can have the source. Its not that complicated what is going on with the ST as a peripheral chip.