Custom input tables disappear sometimes

I made a custom input CO2 table with 5 points and it was working perfectly and then I looked a few minutes later and my input is reading 0 and my PPM CO label was gone and I click custom table and it’s all gone. This has happened to me before on a different controller. Has this happened to anyone else? I clicked apply, then ok and it was working for a few minutes, then it just disappears like I never did it. My other custom tables are still there.

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I try not to use them because they do disappear at times - I think the tables are still a work in progress. I had outputs stop working after an update because the table formatting changed and the outputs did not work as they defaulted to On/Off.
It would be great to receive notice when T3000 tables are modified in any way.

There are no known issues with the custom tables but we’re always on the lookout for issues that crop up. There are more than a couple examples in the forum. If your device is losing them then you know the routine, make sure you have updated your device and T3000 front end itself. If you see it happen again we’ll work closely with you to get to the bottom of it. You could send us the program in use at the time and maybe we can spot something from that. Once you update firmware you could try reloading the program file again as well.