T3000 sub-window tables sometimes fail to accept input

I am having a couple issues with data entry:

  1. There is recurring issue where values in the columns such as the VARIABLE window Value column fail to take updates with the Auto/Manual column set to Manual. The Value for a variable can be clicked on and a cursor appears, but neither backspace or typing a new value works. No characters are accepted This persists until I close and reopen the VARIABLE window even if I click on other column or row values that can be updated.

The problem comes and goes, sometimes not happening for several hours at a time and sometimes happening repeatedly in a short time frame.

  1. Sometimes the Value that is entered gets a background red but is accepted and is then updated to have no background color. In other cases, the column may or may not show red but the value will not be accepted or will revert to a previous value.
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Sounds like intermittent communications. Check the bottom status line showing the communication health.


Hi Maurice,

Thanks for the suggestion.

I tested if communication is the issue and if the inability to enter data is caused by communication, the communication failure is putting the data entry into a permanent state of not accepting input. I let the software sit with the VARIABLE window open for several hours after the problem occurred and it would not take the updates after that long delay. However, as soon as I closed and reopened the window, data entry and changes were again accepted.

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Thanks for the update. We will do our best to improve the user interface experience and overall communications health.


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