Created Fork - Visual Studio 2017 link errors

I’m currently using Visual Studio 2019. I had to install Visual Studio 2017 for this project, so it is a fresh install.
I forked the T3000 project on Git and put it on my machine and opened the Visual Studio 2017 sln file.
Compile shows 32 link errors for unresolved external symbols. Probably something simple, but hoping you all could help. I’m trying to troubleshoot a modbus register viewer error I’m getting.

Here is a sample of the errors.

This is resolved. It appears the project that is on GIT for T3000 doesn’t include all the files, but the ZIP file does. You will need to go to the source and include project folders and add the missing .cpp and .h files for the missing links. I also had an issue with CWebBrowser2 causing a link error. I didn’t fix that yet because I’m in a time crunch, but instead commented the code out so the error would go away.