T3000 Compilation and Debugging

I was able to compile and run in debug the T3000.exe software by using CMake and (free) VS2019 Community Edition (with C++ MFC option added). If anyone is interested, this is the Visual Studio setup:

The CMake instructions are here: T3000_Building_Automation_System/README_CMake_Build.md at master · temcocontrols/T3000_Building_Automation_System (github.com)

After following the CMake instructions and building on the command line, issue the command cmake --build . to re-open the visual studio ide and use the debugger.

I did have to make a small change to the source to get a running executable - but will submit a pull request so this change should make it into the git repository.


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Pull request #333 to the open source project fixes this issue:

Selecting any of these radio buttons on the RTS (and similar) sensor display:

caused all the other radio buttons to disappear (but hardware was OK and kept the last settings):

The pull request also adds the rc resource file to the T3000.exe compilation - without this rc file in the makefile, the exe would be created but could not properly create the t3000.db database and would exit immediately with an error message.

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Sorry, was out of the office the past while and just saw this now. I will get Fandu to merge the fixes right after the local break. Thanks very much David.


Well done. If you were to merge these instructions into the project documentation that would be a great move. I believe there’s some special separate document to keep it separate from the read.me file.

The above pull request has already been merged.

There’s another fix that I’ve submitted but hasn’t been merged yet. It’s more complex and involves more files. I’m planning to use this thread to explain the bug and the fix with screenshots, but haven’t found the time to do that yet. It’s also only an issue with multi screen setups, so will affect a smaller subset of users.

Good idea. Will do. :+1:

Project documentation update has been submitted with Pull Request #337

Enjoy the lunar new year holidays!

Fandu will do some merging right after the break which his Feb20. Thanks very much for your contribution.

Yes , I merged this a few days before.

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