Connection of the CM5 to TSTAT10

Hi, I’m trying to use the CM5 to control the monitoring of two CRAC units with dry contacts and establish a calendar to switch between weekly and turn on the standby unit in case of an alarm.

My first question is the ports configuration on the CM5 to be able to connect the TSTAT10 as I didn’t found any documentation about the tstat ports on this unit and if those are part of the main or sub and where to select the correct protocol, and what option could work best in our case,

For reference I would like to connect to tstats to display the temps/humidity of the each CRAC unit and the status ON/OFF/STANDBY for example

Thanks in advance for your help

The CM5 has an RS485 port, you can wire the Tstat10 into that. Just make sure the com port settings of the Tstat and the CM5 match up, same baud rate and same protocol. Bacnet protocol will be the first choice since its easy to refer to objects as compared to Modbus registers.

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You are right, there is not a lot of documentation on this particular setup.

In general you can connect the Tstat10 to any controller over RS485, bacnet protocol will be easiest for sharing points and schedules, etc. Look through the documents and find the RS485 port of the CM5 and

you will be good to go.

For reporting points and status of CRAC units, if you can read them you can send the data out. Check the forum for ‘network programming’ where it shows how to communicate with other bacnet and modbus devices over Ethernet and RS485.

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