CO2Node network fail

I have 3 CO2Node (ID:216) connected in one network to T3BB RS485Main. First i updated T3BB to V60.3 then CO2Nodes. After updating all of them they are gone from network. Tried scanning, rebooted device, cliered Subnet database, scaned again, nothing. However network itself looks active, screenshot after “clear”:

T3BB RS485Main receives tens of times more data than it sends out.
It is possible that one of the CO2nodes’s communication protocol of changed to to BACNET MSTP when update firmware finished.
If you can get to the site, check the baud rate and protocol of each device.Change the protocol to the Modbus you want, and you’ll get back to normal.
If you still have any questions, please contact me. Thank you.

Was on site, situation is that one of CO2 nude do not show anything on screen. Then i cycled power, it blinked few times and only lit blank screen, nothing showing up. Then i disconnected it from network, other two devices started to work. Then i connect that device to PC directly same situation, it blinks few times on startup and than just blank illuminated screen. T3000 do not find it. Any ideas that else i can try?

Sounds to me like 24vac is crossed up on the network at some point. There’s fuses and protection on our devices but after some time the parts can just dry up and crumble. Please check that all devices share the same GND connection and tie this GND to earth at each cabinet and each transformer of your system.

We’re standing by to help.

I use DC. Tried in two setups, on T3BB RS485Main and directly to PC by USB RS485 adapter. Same result. It looks bricked.

Fix it. Took some time. One thing I haven’t noticed before, baudrate should be set on USB adapter.

Scan works on all baudrates, and devices kind of works, but very poorly.

So to unbrick device i used ISP tool. Good that i knew Baudrate and ID of device. I ran ISP and turned on device at once, and it worked, firmware was uploaded successfully and device started to work.

Ahright, we will have to get the unit back for repair, which is free. We only ask that you pay the shipping. If it proves to be a manufacturing defect of course we will reimburse you on that.