Changing bacnet port number


I have an integration requirement to change the default standard port of 47808 to 47800.
How do I do this?
I tried in modbus poll to set 38 to 47800 but the panel doesn’t seem to be using that register for its port.
Is there another register I need to set?


Sorry Jim, we just have the standard Bacnet port of 47808, its tough enough helping folks connect devices without adding this to the mix. That said, if its something you run into often I guess we could have a look at adding it.

The source code is on github as well so you can change it yourself, it’s a bit of a learning curve to get set up for that though.

Would be a nice to have for integrators but not essential. I have a fantastic bacnet router box from which does the bridging over different ports, and has 2 Ms/tp or modbus 485 networks.
It can route traffic really efficiently.

Great support too

Sounds like a challenge…

Challenge accepted. Added to the list for near term projects, thanks.


Went to check out but they have locked me out.

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