Broadcasting data

Hi Mourice,
One of my customer wants to broadcast data from Honeywell (comfort point IPC controllers) to another location. They don’t have controller passwords and even Honeywell team doesn’t remember it as it is old installation . is there any possibility to broadcast data from temco controllers for monitoring purpose?

( Total 8 IPC supervisory controllers are installed there)


Sounds like a difficult project. Can you get any data from the controllers polling from a PC with Yabe?
Whatever data you could get from a generic bacnet poll could potentially be sent out.

No it’s not possible. Customer also have requirement of iot based controller so that he can operate lights and AC from his mobile. Do you have such solution?

Have you tried Temco Yabe on IP and the MSTP

Yes it’s possible on mstp. Total 32 loops (Daisy chains) are connecting on 8 ip master controllers. Can you guide how to extract data from master ip controller if you don’t have controller password. I m not focusing on mstp bcoz for that I need controllers with 32 rs485 ports which is costly affair for customer.

Try looking on their supervisor for Honeywell Comfort Point Open Studio, otherwise contact with the original installer

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