Basic Learning

How should i start this beacuse there is no examples on youtube and other platform can any one of you guied mw or help me?

Do you have a piece of hardware to test your program on? The T3000 software is free to download and use and it can compile your future programs but it doesn’t “Run” them. You really need a piece of hardware to run your program on.
Once you get that do some searching in the forms.
You have to connect to your hardware either by Ethernet or USB-RS485 device.
Now you can almost think about programming.
You should configure your inputs and Outputs and any variables if required.
Maybe have a vision of what you want the control program do first. Example;
If the temperature in my room is too hot, then turn on some sort of cooling.
That is really how simple the program will be.
Make one of your Inputs Room Temp, Make one of your Outputs Cool1, make a variable called SetPoint.
Now write your program;
01 If Room Temp > SetPoint, then turn ON Cool1
10 pause (200)
Now get creative on your program, how long should Cool1 run or what temp should it run too. Is there any other safeties like air flow switches of differential pressures. do you want to log the run times.
For me I always had to have a basic direction first, once I got that working just expand it.


thats great sir i have T3TB at my place so ill do it. good work sir

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