BACnet IP to Modbus TCP Anomaly

I have an issue where I am using the T3-Nano to convert BACnet over IP to Modbus TCP and obtain the following trace when pulling in the Modbus TCP:
Modbus graph from T3-Nano
When pulling the BACnet data using YABE it is clean, using thingsboard for the same bacnet point to modbus is also clean as per this image:
Modbus graph from ThingsBoard
I have tried adding delays between each poll and have been unsuccessful in rectifying this issue, The only program code I have in this device:
10 OATTEMP = 11011AI1
20 ROOMTMP1 = 11011AI2
30 WAIT 00:00:01
40 EMTODAY = 11011AI10
50 EMPREV = 11011AI13
60 WAIT 00:00:01
70 EMNOW = 11011AI19
80 WAIT 00:00:01

11011 is the device number and then Analogue Input number.

Any suggestions on how to rectify this would be greatly appreciated

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Can you send us your complete prog file?You can get it using T3000.exe

And how did you connect your device? You can send me email about it, i can reduplicate it and find what happened. chelsea(at)temcocontrols(dot)com