Aisx Controllers

I have 1 T3-BB (not in box), 1 T3-LB (not in box), 3 T3-LB (in box), and 1 T3-TB (not in box) that I cannot use. I purchased these some time back and never got to use them because they were not able to do BACnet. There is nothing wrong with them that I know of just cannot use them. The controllers that are out of the box have been powered up but never actually installed anywhere.

T3-BB - $100 (US)
T3-LB - $75 (US)
T3-TB - $50 (US)

The products can all do bacnet these days, you could try updating the firmware and give them another spin. The only limitation is the ‘Asix’ based units had trouble with RS485/ Bacnet MSTP, there was a lot of packet loss and we have since moved on to a new processor. Even on the original Asix units though, the Bacnet over IP works very well on those.

Or if you’d like a refund just write to us by email and we’ll coordinate a refund.


You may not remember, but we spoke quite a bit about these units not doing BACnet reliably, even with the BACnet over IP. I would have used these if they would have been able to communicate over BACnet.

While I very much appreciate the offer of the refund, I would prefer to have the new, ARM-based controllers that can do BACnet reliably.

As I mentioned, these units, old and new do Bacnet over IP very well. If you care to give it another shot at it in your particular environment I am standing by to help out. If you need bacnet mstp then its best to update them to Arm based units. Please send an email and we will coordinate a swap.

Coordinating now with you by email to swap. Will report more here when we understand your particular issue better.

Update: As I understand it, you have updated the firmware and the units are now talking Bacnet over Ethernet well. If you can make use of those early rev boards on an Ethernet project that would save some money on shipping. All production going out now uses an Arm CPU which handles Bacnet MSTP better.

Update2: Consolidated and cleaned up thread.

Maurice Duteau