Units of measure on the AirLab Particle sensor

The AL-CO2-TVOC-W does not convert the temperature of the built-in sensor. When the engineering units is switched to degrees F (modbus 104), the display will switch the “C” to an “F” but the temperature value stays in degrees C.

Both software version (modbus 4) and firmware version (modbus 9) show value of 0. Is there a update?

The description for the AL-CO2-TVOC-W is: “Air Lab & PM2.5 Particle Sensor with color LCD, Clock, Temperature, Humidity, CO2, TVOC,OCC, WIFI, RS485 MSTP and Modbus.”

  • The description “OCC” I thought would mean that the light and sound values could be used to determine occupancy, but those values are not changing, the sound is reporting 141 constant (modbus 640) and the light is reporting 3472 (mod 628).
  • The description has “Clock” but I see no Clock settings/values, but that is okay as I do not really want the clock.

Thanks for the feedback, we confirm we can see this as well. We’ll fix this as well as a few UI improvements in the next firmware update coming out later this week:

  • add the particle density readings in addition to the particle counts.
  • show the engineering units for particle readings,
  • add user calibration features
  • show the units for TVOC
  • fix the sound meter reading
  • get rid of the C02 sensor on & off paramters,
    these are intended for an unpcoming battery powered version.
  • Add override timer features for the occupancy sensor and sound meter
  • auto detect which sensors are present or not

The light sensor is a new feature we started populating on the latest production. If its important for your project we can arrange a swap.

We also will add some tables to let you select from various global standards for the particle readings and air quality state from good through to unhealthy. Also you can add your own table.

And a final note: The latest hardware also has an on board SD card for doing trend logs directly on the device, the logs will be available as Bacnet trendlogs and Modbus regsiters. They can be saved to CSV and microsoft access database from the T3000 front end or your own application.

Thank you for the quick response, look forward to receiving a firmware update. Your idea for a configurable timer on the occupancy sensor would be good, especially when connecting directly to a BMS. Can you check the description of our model as it shows “OCC” which I am assuming is a motion sensor? I don’t see one on the unit we have, but that is okay if we can read the light and sound values.

I think, one version we would use would have Temperature, humidity, CO2, VOC, light and sound with no display.

The occupancy sensor is indeed an option, the lense is on the front as shown below. I just noticed our team has made OCC a default feature now, it used to be an option but we made it standard now to cut down the number of SKU’s.

The new firmware will auto detect the sensors which are populated or not and the UI will show only those which are present.

Hmm, the one I received does not have it. Also, the picture you show has a better case, mine seems to be used for more devices and has the holes for keys:

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All right, that was the early model. We can do a swap if you like, send an email and we’ll arrange that. Definitely we’ll make it clearer in the user interface on the upcoming firmware release as to which sensor is on board or not.

We are going to keep this early model. We are going to order another sensor, is there anyway to insure it will be the latest model?

Do you have a firmware update yet to fix the C to F issue?

Yes, the C/F issue has been fixed some time ago. The new release with the features mentioned above is coming later this week. The firmware and T3000 front end will both need to be updated.

Occupancy: We changed the occupancy sensor to be a standard feature for all SKU’s, any items you order from now on will have it installed.

Good Day Maurice,

How do I get the firmware update and instructions on how to apply it to the AL-CO2-TVOC-W to give me the motion, light level and sound functionality?

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You can update the firmware of any of our devices from within the T3000 application, navigate to help → check for updates → download firmware and update.

Note: The light sensor is a recent addition to the product, depending on when you purchase the Airlab you may not have the sensor, you’ll see the reading responding if it has it.