TB-BB Outputs Cycling


Currently experiencing an issue where all the connected input and output lights flash on then off and most of the outputs will also cycle and cause the connected devices to be momentarily turned on/off.
It almost seems like the device is resetting itself.

If the inputs analog like 0-100% then they will light up as if 100% before shutting off again.

This behavior was observed before updating the unit, and after updating the problem is still persisting.

Firmware version 65.1

I spent some time with a stopwatch and this behavior repeats every 3:45 minutes.

I have tried loading the device to factory defaults with no configuration and that does not seem to change anything. I have also tried reloading the firmware using the ISP tool and it still persists.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Thank you

You could send a copy of your prog file by email and perhaps we can repeat the issue here.

Standing by to help.


Thank you for the reply, what is the email that I can forward the prog file?

Any address appearing on our site will work. Register3@tem… is one I often use.

best not to post email addresses here due to robots and spam.