T3E-PT12 networking

We have a T3E-BB and a T3E-PT12 and we are trying to get the input values from the PT12 into the BB. We tried
VAR49 = 4in1 4 is the device number
VAR49 = 26AI1, 26 is the last ip address
VAR49 = 143739AI1 using device instance
All to no avail.
We can see the point in yabe but i don’t know what the proper line structure should be.
Can anyone help?

Thank You for any help
Kevin R

The best methods will be to set the PT12 module up as expansion IO. That way you can just refer to ‘IN33’ rather than poll in a program like you have been doing. I admit we need to do better in our documents, we will add a section about this in the T3E expansion modules data sheets.


Thank You for the info, we will give it a try tomorrow.