T3E-886 Hand/Off/Auto

Was needing some input on reading the position of Hand/off/auto switches on the T3E-886 I/O module, I am using Modbus rs485 communications , I know that “ switch bank 1 and switch bank 2 “ are relating to hreg114 and hreg115 but 8 am not sure how the logic works to relate to switch positions , I am using a 3rd party (CatNet, CH2) webserver to read these registers but sure could use some help on how the logic works so I can interpret the register changes to the actual switch positions, I know in bacnet the switch positions come in as 0,1,2 but I have to use modbus on this application, thanks for any help !

Chelsea will send some code to show how the registers are encoded in Modbus registers.

In Bacnet you can read the priority array which would make things easier for you. When the hand-off-auto switches are active the priority array will show some values at priority level 7 and when the switch is in auto they will show a null value (255).



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