T3000 BMS Database Backend

Originally published at: https://temcocontrols.com/t3000-bms-database-backend/

T3000 Database reduces data reentry

In my early days of learning the controls business one of my many chores was doing the project quotations. This required a lot of keeping track of data in spreadsheets and my trusty homegrown Building Automation Database application. Assuming my quote was good and we won the project now we had to program all the controllers. That was also one of my tasks and the data I had in the quote was pretty much what I was typing into the controllers. It was frustrating to have to type it all in again. Well finally after a couple decades in the business (ugh) we are getting closer to the dream.

Fandu, our top T3000 developer here is ready to show off the results of his work. He has migrated all the data from the original binary data format to an industry standard ‘Access’ format database file. All the inputs, outputs, variables, schedules, holidays, trend logs, etc. , even the network communications settings for every controller in the building are included in the database. Any program which can work with ‘Access’ format files can work with this data including Excel and Microsoft Access.

Future Work

With this open access to the inner workings of our system it will be easy to add higher level features. Currently we’re working on building out a library system to further speed up your work on new projects. The T3000 environment also now uses a well defined API which will open our environment to web services, we’ll describe there here soon as well. It has taken 20 plus years to get here but I am proud to be able to finally show these first steps.

You can see more screen shots and details of the database file system here on the forum: