Problems reading RS485 Modbus and Bacnet devices

Hi we are connecting one Nano T3 to a BACNET MSTP Air conditioner from daikin, we have tested it with our bacnet softaware works well by MSTP, all data is collected. But when we try to pull data directly from the nano T3 to collect data in the Global variables they just bring in only one or two variables out of the 11 variables we are trying to collect. We followed every step of the manual but with no luck.

Also we are using another T3 Plc but with a Modbus Power Meter , inicially it works well but after some time it stops communicating over the sub-port and haven’t been able to use the subport again. Although power meter can still be read directly.

Its difficult to say what is going on from your description but you can use this ‘Network Points’ tool to see whether the subnet items are being polled or not. If there is some syntax error in your polling for example. Show us what you can about your program running in the T3-Nano: Screen shots and/or save the prog file and send it by email.