Power Supply Discussions

All devices from Temco Controls/Bravo Controls use a switching power supply which can accept any voltage from 12V to 24V and can use either an AC or DC supply, both are OK.

Minimum Voltage Requirements:
For battery applications the supply can actually go as low as around 8V if you are not using the 10V analog outputs. If you are using the 10V outputs you’ll need about 4V of headroom, so 14VDC would be suitable. For an AC supply it will be lower due to the nature of AC rectification, 12VAC will do.

Powering Several Devices with one Transformer:
The power supply topology uses a half wave rectified supply which makes it easy to share a power supply amongst several devices, the neutral can be tied to GND at each cabinet and also on the field devices to improve noise immunity. Just be extra careful not to swap the AC and the neutral between any device in the system, this will cause a ground loop and high currents to flow. The symptoms of a crossed up AC and neutral in your system will show up as wildly varying signals on the sensors and poor communications between devices. You may notice hot components on the circuit boards, there are thermal fuses on which limit the damage and they will self reset after the wiring is straightened out. However if the condition went on for some time certain components may have been cooked and will need to be replaced.