Modbus write error Problem

hi i have a T3000 TB using the modbus protocol.
while using the modbus poll tool under the T3000 software im not able to connect to the unit using the function 02 Read Discrete Inputs(1x). it connect with no problem using function 01 Read Coils(0x) or 03 Read Holding Registers(4x)
here i attach a picture so you can see the error

Yes, most operations on the t3 series are done with full registers. you can see the registers and their current value using the T3000 - register viewer tool.

Maurice Duteau

ok, but i would like to integrate the T3000 with a BMS software, i can control the coils trought the BMS but i cannot interact with the digital or analog intput becouse of this .
any susgestions?

You can control the analog and binary outputs from your application by writing to the output registers.

To understand better, have a look at the output registers using the T3000 application under -tools - register viewer. There you can see which output is at which register along with the current value of each output.

Maurice Duteau

ok. thanks, but for example what will be the value for Digital input 1 on the TB controller?

T3-XB series doesn’t support function 02 for coil operations yet but we’re open to adding it to the todo list if its a big feature for you.

You can use our T3000 software, and check register list. Output register is from 7100.

thanks for the support, thanks to this i was able to correct add the inputs to our BMS

thanks for the support

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