Linking Schedules and Holidays: trouble editing


I have just recently started to experiment with programming and configuring my controller using the T3000 software, and was looking at setting up schedules when I ran into a couple of issues.

Pressing the “Edit Calendar Day” button under “Holidays” is semi-consistently causing the T3000 software to crash on my laptop. Additionally, when I try to set the value of “Holiday 1” on my schedule to the holiday that I have configured it shortly after reverts to a blank field.

The version of the T3000 software I am running is May 29 2020 .16

I just tested the version you installed (2020.05.29) and did not reproduce the Bug.We recommended that you download and use the latest software.
T3000 Sofeware download
And use Help->Check for updates Update T3000 to get the newest version.

If you still have this problem, Please tell me which version you are using (32 or 64) (Windows 7 or Windows 10)?


Hi Fance,

I just updated my T3000 software and am yet to experience a crash, however I am still unable to set the holiday for my schedule. I am using the 64 bit Windows 10 version.

Additionally might this be caused by not having a start or stop time set for holiday1? and if so, is there an alternate means for me to go about having the system not start on public holidays?

Since updating I am now getting a “decode error” when I attempt to open one of my programs, causing it to appear blank. I am unsure if this was caused by the update or if it is just coincidence as the controller was having intermittent communication issues already.

Maybe your Label is empty and you’re trying to give it a unique name.



The label was not empty. I have just tried changing the label as well but it still is disappearing shortly after I add it to the schedule

Since updating I am now getting a “decode error” when I attempt to open one of my programs, causing it to appear blank.

Power cycling my controller temporarily fixes this, however it reverts to an earlier version of the program in question.

This could be caused by one of two things:

Either communications is not going well, the changes dont get writting correctly. You can check communications health down here, left arrow:

The other reason could be that the Label is already used by some other object in the system. The right hand arrow will show you when there is a conflict.

Sorry for editing your other post there, we don’t really need to know all the hardware and version details to troubleshoot this with you for now.

You can clear the program and try again, hopefully you have a copy around.

“Rx” is currently at 90 and I am presently not seeing any errors suggesting that the label is already taken (I have changed it again just to be sure).

I have included a couple of screenshots below.

When I initially set the value of Holiday 1.

Shortly after setting the value of Holiday 1.

Shortly after posting my previous comment I attempted to change the value of Holiday 1 to another holiday I hadn’t configured at all and interestingly enough I’m not experiencing the same problem.

Update: after changing the label on the holiday I was originally trying to use to “ar1” I don’t seem to be having further issues with it.

It looks like it’s working now.