General/collective ALARM output

This might be mis-categorised…
I am planning to run my T3-BB controller “dark” much of the time - ie unattended, without a laptop connected. I want to indicate if an alarm has occurred (and is not yet reset) to alert an “operator” on his next visit to connect a laptop/screen to see what is the exact trouble and fix it.
I would like to do this by allocating a single DO (driving an external warning buzzer/light) to activate whenever any one (or more) alarms activate. This would use the same logic as the red “Alarm” icon on the header of the software which comes on when any alarm occurs, with details in the Alarm table.

I could do this by allocating a variable to each of maybe 20-30 alarm conditions and OR-ing to a single DO - but this will use/waste a lot of variables. Is there any way to trigger the DO just by recognising a general alarm state, ie “some kind of alarm just happened”??


‘On any alarm’, we may have something and if not its a good idea. Add that to the emailed alarms and we’re getting there. More news shortly.

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